Shenzhen: The Gentrification of OCT

Before now I have spoken of my concerns for the future of Shenzhen and in particular my favourite haunt, the OCT and its older rustic apartments (where the local Chinese communities reside).

On my most recent visit it seems this process has indeed begun albeit with the pavements. Does this mean that the days of said apartments are numbered? If this is so, it would require a massive amount of rehousing. More likely is that some of the buildings could be re-clad. See window fitter picture. As much as I like modernity (Noble House and many of the apartments near the OCT hospital) I hope the cloddish charm of the original OCT is maintained – for now at least.

In my ‘if you can see the magic’ blog I mention one of the things that make this part of town special is the blur between crude and chic. However if and when these buildings become unsafe due to fatigue then action must be taken. It will be sad but necessary. The gentrification of Shenzhen continues apace but it’s as worrying as it is dazzling.


One thought on “Shenzhen: The Gentrification of OCT

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