November Nosh #4: Ken Pizza

In November Nosh I’ve so far covered the budget eatery (Bread Talk), the lavish pizzeria of what is more or less Pizza Express, the extreme fantasy of concocting drinks from Antipodean music artistes; this time round lets focus on the more budget pizzeria. Now I realise I should have focused solely on pizza parlours but never mind sometimes an idea is born and executed to the ethos of improv.

So, to the mastery of the Ken, firstly there is no store so to speak, it is part of a complex where the eateries are on either side of a main walkway. So you can mostly say goodbye to decor, it’s somewhere between down to earth and semi-chic (bear in mind that while it is lavish Tianhe it is also student district). In other words the seating is limited, there is a red vinyl sofa but the modernist table mats in cool grey and white are a nice touch as is the (somewhat limited) cutlery.

Getting to the business end of things, the pizza! For the price these are probably the best pizzas I’ve come across in Guangzhou. They are hand made FRESH! I recommend the creamy ham and mushroom. They also do soft drinks e.g. lemon tea and some cheaper pasta meals though these come in tin foil trays so don’t expect fine china for those. The pasta dishes are ok but the real business is in the round dough and there varying toppings. Very close to South China Normal University metro exit – A I think, and next to McDonald’s. Handy to have around.

***for wheel chair users, the building is accessible; Ken Pizza is on the ground floor and right by the door but it may be pokey to get through them and to get around once inside. Seating may also be an issue at busy times.


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