November Nosh #2: Pizza Marzano aka Pizza Express

Now a touch of class in the newly opened IGC (International Grand City) mall in Guangzhou’s expat haven of Liede. To most of us its recognisable as Pizza Express; apparently they opted for the Marzano moniker purely because their tomato supplier is exclusive to them, which is admirable, loyal but an otherwise insane business model, what if the supplier turns nasty or goes awry? Personally I would have stuck to the recognised brand unless said supplier is in the process of buying out the brand or it’s a franchise. Anyways, the first thing you notice beyond the logo is the decor. Sparkling clean with gleaming deep blue glasses and pristine pepper mills in pilar box red. Though Italian there is something of a British mod vibe going on here with union flags and tracks by The Who dominating the playlist (makes a change from Norah bloody Jones though doesn’t it).

The staff are pleasant, efficient and can speak reasonable English BUT the biggest downside is that the pizza I wanted (La Regina) only comes in huge and is over 100rmb, why do they not offer alternative sizes? Instead I settled on Burro Burro which is also part of their Romano range and is half the price. Next door on the menu is the classic range though the choices don’t seem especially classic to me; no pepperoni? And since when has Char Siu been a classic pizza? Still overall a nice touch and worthy addition to Guangzhou’s expanding pizzeria scene. Complimenti to all involved. Another branch resides in the equally new and shiny Parc Central mall on Tianhe Lu and another at Shenzhen’s classy MixC. (they are also on we chat and offer a delivery service via partners)


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