November Nosh #1: Bread Talk

*I have decided to designate November a foodie month, beginning with this which I started a long while back.

Relocating to China five years’ ago left a bit of a dent in the culinary department. It has meant saying goodbye to Apple Turnovers, Raspberry Jam Doughnuts and other staples to my diet like Lamb and Mint Pasties, tinned Salmon and a range of breakfast cereals. Of course this is partly why we move; to experience the shock of the new or the unknown. Expat pubs charge a fortune for western fare but fear not, if Chicken Claws aren’t your idea of a snack there is a solution to fill at least part of the void left by vacating your home country and your new home.

Enter Singaporean brand ‘Bread Talk,’ a bakery like no other, especially in China. While there are up, Bread Talk offer a sparkling clean environment with an ever changing menu of intriguing delights such as Banana Kick, Curry Pancake, Eggstra-ordinary, Peanut Milk Bread. You can even watch the chef’s at work flipping and twirling their dough like a drummer does his sticks or an aerobic display from a youthful Olympian gymnast – through the spotless glass. Bread Talk’s are normally found in shopping malls in most Chinese cities, just don’t expect Apple Turnovers with cream …yet.


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