Motherland/Fatherland: Celebrating the Chinese and German National Holidays

Wishing all my Chinese friends a happy and harmonious National Day and holiday. You can be sure that for me, travel won’t feature as anyone who has been resident in China or visited this vast country during a holiday period knows; travel is not advisable due to the swathes of people crowding all known transport hubs. No matter how huge stations like Guangzhou South appear they are nothing to an onslaught of its citizens all wanting to return to their respective towns, cities and provinces. So I’m waiting for a gap in the chaos or rather a mini-break between golden week and the new year.

But there’s more as the German national day follows shortly after. It is they who along with the Chinese have been especially kind to me in recent times so I’d like to extend the virtual handshake of warm wishes to all tuning in from Germany and those I have met in China from Germany. Still only one visit to Berlin to my name but what an amazing city. Would love to visit again one day but for now my residence in the middle kingdom continues. As Wang Chung correctly predicted way back in 1982 ‘CHINA, CHINA there’s no finer place to be.’ Indeed …so long as you aren’t travelling during a holiday.

Footnote: According to the Oxford English Dictionary the term Mother Country has existed since the 15oos, but fatherland (1623) precedes the term motherland (1711).



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