Process Not Product #5: Story

This is a nice one to end September on. Another of the books that has been in progress is a short story collection. Recently as part of the ‘Dating the Page’ project I’ve begun to scrutinise all the books I started years ago that have remained in a state of limbo. Some of the questions I ask of myself…

Are these worth keeping or do I scrap them?

Are they/Is it predictable?

Are they/Is it crap?

Has it been done before?

Surely it must have been done before?

Could someone doing a writing course do this better?

Could someone half my age do them better?

Is my writing voice distinctive?

Do I even have a writing voice?

Does it matter if I don’t have a ‘voice’ and write in a variety of style and/or medium?

And so the birthday month concludes for another year. ‘September’s here again’ becomes ‘If I Could Make September Stay.’ More info on the process in due course.


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