Process Not Product #3: Dating the Page

dating the page-type tests5

A year or so ago, I started gathering imagery for a possible 20th anniversary edition of my first book A Lyrical Oasis. However such is the guiding light of David Sylvian I thought wouldn’t it be good to do a book which isn’t your average compilation but also added drawings, photos and other stuff from my travels. So rather than the aforementioned anniversary I decided an overview was a better way forward. Initially this went under the title Auxiliary Machine, before I settled on the more relevant Dating the Page (having opted for the more arty Symposium of Empty Envelopes ten years ago).

In the second instalment of PNP I gave mention that I have lots of books in progress so this seemed a good way of clearing the creative decks; where I have been, where I am and where I am going. Any book (in my case) is born of creative chaos and ends in another state, that of abandonment. In between is the creative process herein where an attempt is made to iron out the crinkles and unravel the knots into some sort of cohesive whole. Here are some screen shots to illustrate the formative step.

At the moment I am amazed at the amount of material I have to play with. Note this also includes some of the collaborative elements from the aborted illuminated version of Night Music. This is indeed a colossal project and I can see how long it must have taken to put Hypergraphia together for both David Sylvian and his designer Chris Bigg. I of course don’t have the luxury of someone putting it together for me in that I am the designer but that’s part of the fun, or should I say process. It is pretty exciting, if not a little egotistical, and there lies another creative conundrum; if it’s in mind it has to come out, besides who else would do it? More info in due course.


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