On the Irony of Brexit

UK flag

Oh the irony that so many of the UK’s football teams are engaged in the Euro tournament on a day we as a nation choose to leave Europe (albeit a close run thing).

For me the biggest question is, is it still possible to live in Europe? (This being if I continue as educator). Other than that it won’t make too much of a difference to me as the issues with living in the EU were a little mythical to me anyway. We supposedly had the same rights as local citizens but still had to jump as many bureaucratic hoops as the American’s do in Europe or we Brits do here in the far east.

Meanwhile I feel a tinge of sadness for David Cameron, probably the most liberal Conservative leader there has ever been. I hope whatever course he chooses to follow is successful for him. Another irony is that this all comes as the political leaders were beginning to work together.

And all the while, England, Wales and the two Ireland’s advance (for now at least) in European football’s most harmonious tournament. I always thought that the future of the UK would be a little like Scandinavia, the umbrella name United Kingdom is still there but the countries in it are a little if not a lot more pronounced in running their own affairs. Now that seems highly plausible.

There may be positives in that Ireland could be reunited. I am very European, but I also believe the land stolen from the Irish should be returned to them. I should add that while most of Wales voted to leave Cardiff voted to remain. So it is then that most of our cosmopolitan capitals: London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast opted in favour to no avail.

And perhaps the biggest twist of irony lie with the Scots. In the space of only two years’ they had their own independence narrowly snatched by their own remain camp, but they were voting to remain in a UK that was part of Europe, now the table has turned they would be quite correct in their quest for a second referendum should they wish to pursue that option.

One thing is certain, the future is going to be very interesting; geographically and politically.


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