How Does One Get a Song in Front of Adele?

Now there’s a question. Perhaps what I should really I ask is: How does one get a song in front of Adele without sounding like a total sycophantic *!~@? Does she even do covers? And why should she pick an unknown (such that I am in songwriting and most other circles). The song in question is of course Through Glass which as some of you may know was recorded by the amazing and much lauded on this blog Peter Kingsbery. However Pete gave the thumbs down to it appearing on an album. Why? Not sure, even though he would stand to make half the royalties should it be a success (as he wrote the music).

After Pete I went to Australia’s Daryl Braithwaite – it would make sense in that I am registered with APRA not the PRS of my native UK. But… no response. Then I went to Kenny Loggins… no response, next I thought of Richard Marx but couldn’t locate a contact so I took it to another Richard (Page of Mr Mister) but he was having too much fun with Ringo Starr and his buddies so I asked his manager… no response. I approached music publishers with the caveat ‘if we can attach this song to a film soundtrack…’ no response.

Then I began to think… even if one of these said yes, it probably wouldn’t generate that much in the way of royalties. To stand any chance of that today pretty much means you have to get Adele, Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran or Drake to like you. No easy task. Then there are the ethical questions.., Is prostituting my wares to people I don’t know me? Isn’t it shallow, fake, horrible – all of the things I am normally against? Ummm… yeah, but it is the music business and the above artists’ have proven that is very much alive. Now I could see Chris Martin doing it yet somehow getting a female perspective on it would give the song a new slant.

Why am I so bothered? Simple; none of the work I’ve produced has made anywhere near the money I thought it should have (even this blog is a labour of love). So it’s all to do with funds for the future. Creative pursuits are fun, difficult, nice, tricky, necessary to those of us in the sphere. So is travelling, and we can now travel further with less resources than ever before, albeit in economy class. The future is exciting and at the same time scary. How does one of creative means and limited means survive post 60? If indeed I make it, so far I’ve been lucky. So, how about it Adele? At least you would be funding Peter, ironically already past 60, to make more music and that definitely would be worthwhile.


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