Process Not Product #1

For sometime there has been a new book in progress/production. Unusually this has no fixed title or cover design as yet – normally the starting points alongside that of documenting my location and life events. However it’s the very thing called life that has made progression inexorable. Teaching, the blog and everyday life take time, perhaps this really should be called progress not product.

This book follows on from Year Amid Winter but is more difficult to write as for once I am determined to paint a less gloomy/sombre picture. This means placing an emphasis on place rather than some of the life situations or teaching environs I’ve found myself in. As always there are things that may need to be included. More on the process as time goes on.

I’ve also had it in mind to do a photo book but have been thwarted several times going as far back as Lyrical and Notate which both had visual accompaniments at one point. Then there was Birds of our Neighbourhood and more recently Night Music: Illuminated which hit the buffers due to insufficient material from my busy collaborators. It’s fair to say then that my visual books never come to fruition. This could be a happy accident or delay.

David Sylvian remains an inspiration with his recent tome Hypergraphia (I don’t have it, only perused images online). I hence have it in mind to convert the curated imagery for said pictorial version of Night Music into something more long form featuring artwork not just poems/photos. More info on that project in due course.


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