Night Music: Not Quite Released

night music illuminated

Bowie’s passing coupled with the 60 year low temps in the region of China I reside have vastly altered my course. And this is also the case with digital publishing.

My attempts to announce NIGHT MUSIC as available online have faltered. Instead I can only portend my frustration at tech issues with both Amazon and Lulu.

Alas the only thing to make the journey to the public domain is the cover art (on Behance and Goodreads) but that’s as much as I can do at present.

Unless these issues are resolved then I’m unable to put anything out – not even the ebook/PDF files I’ve been producing.

There was also a photo version planned with collaborators from France, the US and Canada which would have opened up the photo-book market.

I have attempted to piece together visual versions before now with both my first books and Birds of our Neighbourhood. As always life has proven a formidable force.

My planning thwarted by everything from a wedding to family holidays; collaborations are not as clear cut as you may imagine.

It was looking good and for a brief spell seemed my duck with pictorial companions would be broken. However, crucially we fell short by a few texts.

Recently I pondered approaching literary editors again but with their requirements and my teaching commitments it could be a slower process than the internet in China.

As always.. stay tuned.


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