Shh.. it’s New Year


As I gathered myself and my camera on the roof of my apartment building to watch what I thought would be a spectacular display from the adjacent Canton Tower it was somewhat surprising to see.. well.. nothing than the norm; a colourful tower.

At first I took this as a negative, a symbol of the evening I had just experienced; downbeat, sombre even but on closer examination I thought this is actually refreshing! Do we make too much of fireworks? And what exactly are we celebrating? What is wrong with silence? Doing things differently.

Nothing. And that’s exactly one of the reasons I became an expat, the west does the same thing year on year like a perpetual groundhog day. Here in the middle kingdom, the Chinese do it their way and while some of those things are irksome, as I sauntered back down the stairs to assess things, I am pleased in this instance that they do.

Next month it will be their turn to celebrate whatever it is that needs celebrating. Another year of unknown events, choices and circumstances to be navigated. Perhaps that is itself the celebration, having survived another year – with or without fireworks.



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