A Chinese Restaurant with No Rice

gz-empty bowl-2015

Yes.. you read that right. Allow me to explain. The other day I was out and decided on lunch at a classy eatery. It’s a little nippy outside – when you live in 35 degree heat for most of the year 19 feels cold – so although I had that horrible feeling I should move on when they thrust their menu in front of me, embarrassment forced my hand or rather nailed my feet to the floor! Before I knew it I heard myself say ‘I’ll have the fish ..with rice’ after which they ushered me to a table. Moments later a waiter stood before me with a plate. Surely they could not have cooked it that fast! BUT this is where it gets comedic. The fish is sitting next to spaghetti. He tells me that the rice is sold out and I’ll have to wait half an hour for them to find some. To which I could only stare in bemusement and nod an acceptance of the plate before me. Granted it was rather nice but really a Chinese restaurant with no rice is pretty staggering isn’t it. I thought I’d seen and heard it all but nope, China is never short on surprises. Again this was not a cheap roadside street eat, this was a classy decor of bird cages, floral displays, soft jazzy music although mercifully not Norah bloody Jones – you get the picture. Staff were pleasant but for them not to offer anything like a free drink in lieu of their short comings was a little off kilter and didn’t enhance their chances of my returning anytime soon or indeed ever. Enough said.


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