Guangzhou: Mandarin Oriental

A justifiable jewel in their crown, Guangzhou’s Mandarin Oriental opened in 2013. Its wow factor is undeniable, undisputed and no understatement. Even for one who has by now visited some pretty impressive hotel portfolios across the globe. A good analogy would be this: let’s say you’re taking a walk through a quiet forest when you […]

A Chinese Restaurant with No Rice

Yes.. you read that right. Allow me to explain. The other day I was out and decided on lunch at a classy eatery. It’s a little nippy outside – when you live in 35 degree heat for most of the year 19 feels cold – so although I had that horrible feeling I should move […]

Beijing: Slow Train to Winter

  A while ago I posted a blog called Bangkok: Bladerunner by Daylight. Well as you probably guessed Thailand didn’t work out and I instead ventured forward to China. December marks my fourth year in this vast and fascinating country so here is an excerpt from the upcoming book about my first port of call, […]