Ghost Albums

There are in the age-old battle between art and commerce, casualties. Here I detail some of the works that languished like shipwrecks in the record company vaults, unseen or heard for decades and in some cases not at all. 1 MR MISTER – PULL For 20 years this album was stranded in limbo for no […]

Song Lists Special: Bond Themes

  Suddenly, like a bullet spent from 007 himself it hit me, why not do a JAMES BOND special! If you are new to the lists Synesthesia is particularly common in arts people and in my case manifests itself as hearing music as colour. Here is a rudimentary list of BOND THEMES and how I […]

Notate and the autumn of 2000

  Nostalgia makes the autumn of fifteen years ago seem a serenely magical place yet it was if anything fraught with frenetic tension combining nowhere to live, a non-career and turning 30. I was just back from Italy and needed to finish my second book with only four days to do it. I did but was […]