Guangzhou: Saying Goodbye to Summer


Incredibly here in China, it became autumn on August 8th, though you’d never have noticed through the monsoon humidity, cracks of thunder, soggy t-shirts and feet (I need new shoes). I’ve planned, at least in part, the blog and my teaching schedules for the upcoming year and investigated my next travel destinations.

The summer has, as you can see, been busy as ever. I have scratched the surface of my new hometown visiting its zoo and discovering the beauty of Dongshan, read many books including Travels With My Aunt and others which I wished I’d got to before now and which I hope will change the axis of my thinking and future, at 45 it seemed a good time to take stock.

The books I’ve written would almost certainly not have been penned the way they were had I seen these books previously which is both good and bad (I can’t imagine my catalogue any other way) but what I can say is they are the documents to my life’s experience, upheaval and survival. Now it’s time to start living!

Speaking of books I’ve put together a new mini-compilation Night Music and realised the book I was writing will either be scrapped or given a major overhaul. The blog is more immediate and I love seeing who is tuning in from where. That said I do love problem solving and the challenge of turning something around so maybe I will approach the partly written chore from a new perspective.

Elsewhere I have continued the fascinating journey of my synesthesia Song Lists completing Julia Fordham (which was hard work), Pink Floyd, making big progress on Paula Cole as well as Hall and Oates, Joni Mitchell plus a new take on one of the earliest, Icehouse. Now the Mid Autumn Festival (or moon cake festival) and National Day are upon us and following that the winter and Chinese New Year.

Hopefully a shimmering new one awaits. As always, stay tuned!


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