Nomad Italia

It was 15 years ago that I visited the land of Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Roma, Pompeii not to mention pasta, pizza etc…

The visit also marked my 30th birthday and in my haste I  failed to photograph the digital display I chanced upon in Roma showing the date 1 SETTEMBRE 2000. My path took me elsewhere that day so my regret is ever present.

I almost returned to Italy in autumn 2011 but of course ended up choosing Asia and a whole new adventure.

My journey was documented and can be found in the ‘Voyage of Nomad’ book which will be available again in due course. Stay tuned for that. Meanwhile here are a couple of  excerpts…


In the dark all manner of sounds crept in: the loud TV (which unusually didn’t bother me), the Italian dialect seeping from windows of adjacent buildings, the screech of washing line pulleys and the smell of washing powder, jangling keys and their hosts attempt to open their doors (the locks were severely dodgy taking much manoeuvrability of key and patience of character) and the clangs and chimes of midnight churches all fused together into an ambient Venetian cocktail.


Out on my fist Roman promenade, The Colosseum grabbed my attention from a side street. Its vastness surrounded by a grand road itself big enough to halt me in my tracks and consider a way across. There was no need for me to enter the Colosseum, everything I needed to see is on the outside but I did venture into the Forum across the road and as I admired its ruins, to my delight the muggy air was perforated by rain and the sound of thunder reverberated across the sky, by now a strange grey brown hue.

Ciao for now.

Wildlife – Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Nocturnal Sightseeing – Steve Jansen/Richard Barbieri
The Night Gives Birth – Steve Jansen/Richard Barbieri
*most of Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri’s Stories Across Borders album would suit a nocturnal stroll around Venice, you can read my review of that album above.



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