Night Music: Press

fly-night music-english

Night Music collects for the first time all the Kelvin Hayes poems inspired by song such as Quiet Night of Quiet Stars (Getz/Gilberto), Foreshadowed (Budd/Eno) and Dark Water, one of several taking its cue from guitar legend Robert Fripp. Included for the first time is Through Glass, his collaboration with Cock Robin singer Peter Kingsbery as well as the three pieces covered by Portuguese musician Joao Cabrita aka O Atlas.

Other titles considered were Anglo-Pop and Expat Jazz but Night Music felt right for the selected material. The book was to be available in 2 versions a ‘standard’ e-book housing the poems and notes and an ‘illustrated’ version which would have been a full colour collaborative effort between Hayes and photographers Jonathan Charpentier, Keith Korsgaard and Robert Mann. Sadly, the latter has not been completed in time so only the standard version will come out at this time.

There is also – via the work and mood conveyed – a linkage to Notate, his book from 2000 which Hayes still feels is one of his strongest. This release follows hot on the heels of last years Terminal Wanderlust and the recent reissues of travelogues Voyage of Nomad and Year Amid Winter. All are available on Lulu, marking 20 years from First Light to Night Music.

Night Music will be released in October. More details to follow.


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