The Hopper Season 20

Can it really be 20 years since I produced possibly my finest set of visual work. The Hopper Season commenced in May 1995 and eventually comprised 52 images drawn between then and December.

In short the idea was if Edward Hopper had been alive in South Wales at that time, what would he have made of the local landscape, cities and characters? I found it surprisingly easy to assimilate in that Newport (where the bulk of the work was carried out) has a strange kinship with New York and northeastern America. Some of the images (such as The Louis on St Mary Street) were from neighbouring capital Cardiff.

Ironically, as my starting point was from a photo from which to draw, only digital images remain as THS and all of my visual work proved difficult to sell and was both heavy and expensive to lug around. Things change and if I were doing it these days I’d probably begin and end with photography.

More images from The Hopper Season over on Flickr..
*THS is part of the ART set so you may need to scroll to see the images, enjoy, KH


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