St David, the Big Chair and the Life Machine

cardiff-tulips and city hall-2007 cardiff-war memorial 4-2006 cardiff-baylight-2007

Bit of a special one today.

First off, happy St David’s Day to anyone Welsh (and any Welsh admirers around the world) tuning in. If you don’t know, it is the national day of and for Wales. I expect the usual parade of a few druids marching around a damp Cardiff is still the highlight of a non-event. Can’t we do something more dynamic? Something that celebrates Wales in a bigger, brighter way? After all our national colour is red! The Irish managed it so why can’t we? More on them coming up – if my pc holds out, more on that below.

Secondly.. it is (incredibly) 30 years since Tears For Fears launched their equally impressive sophomore disc ‘Songs From the Big Chair.’ I initially bought the cassette on release which featured an additional 6 extra tracks, of which The Conflict was probably best for me. I mention this album in my recent ‘reissues’ blog so won’t go to much further here other than to say although I play it slightly less now, it is still a stunner.

Finally.. life, they say, gets in the way. There is never a good time for a computer to die, however after four years of good service my beautiful Samsung is indeed entering its final days. It is taking me forever to get anything done with a slew of ‘not responding’ notifications killing my day. The life cycle of a computer is like any other I suppose, it starts off shiny and new, you unbox it with enormous pride and are terrified to eat so much as a sandwich in front of it …until a few days later. By the end (usually four years in my case) they are so slow you end up wanting to throttle it or yourself, de-ram it and throw it out of the nearest window!

Can no one by now build a pc that can bypass the irritable message of ‘not responding’? And the same with my other pet peeve.. buffering! Yes, technology is at times enough to drive anyone to despair! The question now is.. what to replace it with and the usual pc or mac debate will no doubt ensue in the coming days. One thing is certain.. it will need to be light. An aging nomad needs to keep weights to a minimum. I have already learnt a new buzz word.. ultrabook – sounds good to me.

Perry Blake song list coming soon, followed by U2 – both for St Patrick’s Day (again if the pc holds out). April is something of a black canvas for the blog which is probably just as well. Wish me much luck and patience!

Images of Cardiff from 2007 (by me).


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