Guangzhou: Interlude in the City of Heat and Mist

            Arriving in Guangzhou from Shenzhen seemed a disappointment, arriving there from Chenzhou made it an urban paradise! One I now considered a potential home. Funny how arriving somewhere can colour our thoughts with different impressions or perspectives. This time it was a mere business formality – one which offered […]

Song Lists: Perry Blake

And so to the Irish, St Patrick’s Day coming up, a good excuse for a Bailey’s Coffee if ever there was one, and to kick off.. the very under appreciated Perry Blake. Hailing from Yates country, he is a true sonic poet and like many of my faves has gone unnoticed in his home land.┬áHere […]

St David, the Big Chair and the Life Machine

Bit of a special one today. First off, happy St David’s Day to anyone Welsh (and any Welsh admirers around the world) tuning in. If you don’t know, it is the national day of and for Wales. I expect the usual parade of a few druids marching around a damp Cardiff is still the highlight […]