Travelling Without Moving (The Home Comforts of Chinese New Year in Hunan)

chenzhou-beihu lake (hazy spring pm)-2015

Being in Chenzhou during Chinese New Year reminds me a lot of my great travel drought in the eighties (and a good proportion of the nineties). None the less despite the obvious obstacles I chose to conserve my funds until summer but mostly to explore my immediate surrounds here in Hunan as I haven’t had much time having been the proud beneficiary of 400+ writing students during my first semester. There just didn’t seem much point paying for a hotel and going through the hassle of travel when I already have an apartment here. To my surprise there is still a lot of ground to cover in the city that’s been home for the past six months or so from the Martyr’s memorial atop of one of CZ’s many hills to the river walk which snakes its way through the old town and beyond. Certainly there is much more than just Beihu Lake and its slightly larger cousin Dongjiang further to the east. At the time of writing I am slowly piecing together a more comprehensive Chenzhou article, so more on that later down the proverbial track. Being at home also allows me some time to prepare for the incoming tide of students in the not too distant future, to work on the Song Lists and whatever follows, summer is not far away and I’ve still no idea where to go or what to do. So although I’m not travelling far and wide, there is much to do and much to see (in a microcosm of time that occasionally feels like an eternity). As always stay tuned for further adventures.


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