Australia Day


Earlier this month I wrote about Back to the Future and that seems relevant to this post too. The choices that our parents make can affect us for life. I fancied Australia but my father opted for its neighbour. A decision I am still paying for in that, at the time of writing, a Kiwi passport is only good for five years while Australia retains the standard 10.

Admittedly, they had the right idea, New Zealand was clean, green and there was hope in this new and youthful paradise on earth. Would Australia have been any better? Impossible to know without the aid of a mad doc and a time machine. What may have been is lost forever. I don’t want to paint a gloomy picture though, it’s Australia Day today and I intended to thank those who tune in here and wish them, wherever they might be, a fantastic day.

Also, if you haven’t already had a gander, my take on the AUSTRALIAN FLAG RE-DESIGN here and don’t forget to check out my colour Song Lists for ICEHOUSE and INXS. More to come soon from BOOM CRASH OPERA and LITTLE RIVER BAND later in the year. At some point I must get round to MIDNIGHT OIL but that’s a way into the future yet.


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