Year Amid Winter: Details


‘YEAR AMID WINTER’ is the new old book from Kelvin Hayes. Initially released in 2012 as a series of free blogs it now gets its first proper release. “The reason for the former approach was that I was really bored of working on a book for a year or more and sending out press to universal disinterest and the books subsequent rapid death!”

The book comprises three parts: OXFORD, AUCKLAND and ISTANBUL and charts Hayes departure from the UK only to find himself in a similar position in New Zealand, hence his becoming a teacher, setting sail for Turkey and a whole new adventure. “I’m still paying for that decision” He says wryly.


The book was originally meant to be about Auckland but when that didn’t work a chapter on Oxford had to be written from memory. Meanwhile most of Hayes other books are available at “I was hoping to release them via Amazon Kindle but there are technical issues with formatting, however if these can be resolved I look forward to working with Amazon again in the future.”

‘YEAR AMID WINTER’ will be available via Lulu in February.


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