Winter and the Art of Promo

winter-promo box card 1 winter-promo box card 2

A little about these two images. These are not book covers per sé but more so promo images yet not quite posters either. So what are they then? Well.. going back to the late eighties and early nineties and being an avid collector of records, I was somewhat blessed to be in a time where artwork mattered.


There were all manner of box-sets around from the extremely lavish Weatherbox by David Sylvian to the Cocteau Twins and sometimes labels themselves Elektra’s Rubaiyat for one. Those were the ones I couldn’t afford, however there was no shortage of others I could from Claudia Brucken’s Absolut(e) to Scritti Politti’s Oh Patti. Both of those were 7″ boxes with postcards, sometimes they had badges thrown in and Scritti’s even came with a sheet of stamps with the artwork on! They would expand this to the 12″s for the other two singles from Provision; First Boy in This Town and BOOM! There She Was each housed in a box with textured prints of many of their earlier singles from Cupid and Psyche ’85.

So that’s what I had in mind when I set about designing the artwork to go with my book Year Amid Winter (more on that soon).  Other artists – particularly on the wonderful Virgin label – expanded the rather nice box editions to their own discographies: OMD’s Then You Turn Away which sadly stalled at 50 came in a blue velvet box with not just a postcard but a perfumed postcard, while Sylvian once again had has Heartbeat single with Ryuichi Sakamoto housed in a blue box this time with new portrait photography and artwork printed on the reverse side. I am presently working on a few blogs that deal with similar themes so stay tuned for those and also a new collaborative project for release later in the year. It’s going to be a busy one.



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