Back to the Future!


Not long ago, I was watching Back to the Future with my students which they of course loved, so much in fact, they insisted I play them the second part. I had completely forgotten that the long held fascination of the flying car, in this case the infamous DeLorean time machine, was flying into 2015!

Suddenly I was reminded how odd life can become. It doesn’t seem 30 years since I saw the original film in Sydney, Australia – more on the Aussies later this month – and of course we still haven’t got flying cars, which is probably very fortuitous (can you imagine Italians or indeed the Chinese in flying cars!?)

Getting back to the film, never in a million years did I think I’d be showing these excellent examples of eighties cinema to students in China as a lecturer 30 years later. Steve Miller certainly was onto something when he told us ‘time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping.. into the future.’ Still waiting for a pair of those NIKE shoes that automatically do up though. Anyway, welcome to 2015.


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