What happened to Travel?

chenzhou-dongjiang lake-2014

chenzhou-dongjiang lake (tuscan turkey)-2014

As you can see the music writing is coming thick and fast at the moment, particularly with the colour-sound song lists taking up much of my time.

Other than that, I teach English and Western Culture in China and as I’m the only writing teacher with 415 students, thinking up lesson plans and marking takes up the rest (if you don’t know deciphering and translating Chinglish can be a challenging task as can getting online at all).

So travel for the moment is on a bit of a back burner though I did manage to get to local tourist and beauty spot Dongjiang Lake recently (pictures on Flickr soon) which reminded me of New Zealand, Tuscany and Turkey’s Princes Islands at the same time; a kaleidoscopic world vision of sorts. Next year I am hoping to visit Japan – a country which has long fascinated me. There is still much to see in this world and I look forward to visiting many more countries and cultures in due course.

PS РIf you happen to be from a tourist board, hotel or airline I am open to suggestion for covering new hotels, air routes and city destinations. My next available slot will be Jan/Feb 2015. Please contact me if I can be of use.

More to come on the song lists as the Xmas release schedule is busy so *fingers crossed* I hope to have Simple Minds, Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry and Pink Floyd finished before long. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to read some of my other blogs which I know is a big ask with so many writing; still very grateful to those visiting here. Stay tuned!


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