Terminal Wanderlust: Release Delay

Hi all

Well.. it was supposed to be Terminal Wanderlust’s birthday but instead due to Amazon’s Kindle limitations in converting my doc to my liking, I’ve had to postpone.

I am sorry to anyone that may have been waiting for it as I was of course looking forward to getting it out on time as I have other projects I want to move forward with such as the recent songlists.

Needless to say I am very disappointed and somewhat perplexed at Amazon’s romance for a product that doesn’t format things correctly. Additionally, I believe a lot of my other books my have also uploaded incorrectly.

So what to do? Try Smash Words I guess. Trying to stay positive. Apologies once again for anyone waiting for the release of my new baby.

Meanwhile, I will deliver another of my songlists tomorrow, fingers crossed for that.

Sincerely, KH


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