Song Lists: Icehouse

Hi all

The first list I produced was David Sylvian, however as that is already online, I thought I’d start with my second; ICEHOUSE – originally written in November 2013 though unpublished before now.

Noting Iva’s work is surprisingly tricky because of the colour/key changes involved. It is thus possible to have a combination of colours in one track – rather aptly Man of Colours. Also rather fitting is Touch the Fire is a fiery warm red! But alas neither Trojan or Electric Blue are shades of blue (more on them later).

I apologise for the lack of colour here (even less of a palette than my word doc lists allow) but it seems that my favoured digital channels won’t allow me to post in their original state.

First let’s start with dark blue as it’s the one that colours ICEHOUSE itself.

DARK BLUE (varying shades)



Stay Close Tonight

On My Mind

Jericho Bay

*also large parts of Great Southern Land (I hear the voices, burn you black bits are dark blue)



Your God, Not Mine

GREY (varying shades)

I happen to call Measure for Measure the grey album, here’s why..

No Promises (part in light blue)

Paradise (chorus parts in pink/grey)

The Flame

Regular Boys

and parts of Angel Street are all grey


Paradise Lost

Glam (..’dedicated to glam’ bits are in yellow)

Wind and Sail

West Eleven Genius


Too Late Now

Dusty Pages (parts of this in dark green and orange but the main bulk is light green)

Street Café (chorus pale grey)

Mr Big (chorus grey)

Heartbreak Kid (bridge is brown, while the chorus and end is in deep pink)


*differentiating dark green and crimson/burgundy can be very difficult!

Love in Motion (I think there is also a touch of crimson in this just before the final chorus and quiet synth bit)


Shot Down

Man of Colours (chorus ‘I am a man..’ parts in dark grey)

Anybody’s War


Cross the Border

Mysterious Thing (this is very close to deep pink as in Crazy but I’d say that it just makes the crimson zone. Chorus is also difficult to pinpoint, probably a pale apricot)

Sunrise (this might actually be dark green. As with Love in Motion above there are tinges of crimson in it and also a nice blue in the middle section)


Taking the Town

Harbour Town

Electric Blue


The Kingdom (chorus is white)

Feed the Machine


Hey Little Girl (chorus is in mint green)

The Great Divide (last part in yellow)

Sam the Man


Fatman (intro, ‘fatman, fatman’ bits and end in yellow)

Boulevarde (verses are a blue/grey)

Goodnight Mr Matthews

The Mountain

Baby, You’re So Strange

Miss Divine



Big Wheel


Walls (chorus in grey)



*live versions were often in light blue

My Obsession (part is in grey)


Touch the Fire


*also worth noting is that the live versions of Hey Little Girl, No Promises and Heartbreak Kid were also in red for the Melbourne ’88 show.


We Can Get Together

* if you have the UK single cover, well that’s pretty accurate to the colour of the song.

Send Somebody (similar to WCGT and once again with a shift toward grey before the final part of the song)

Sidewalk (‘but when the walls come down’ parts in deep pink)

Goodbye Valentine (verses in white)


GSL (intro and verse parts)

Break These Chains

Nothing Too Serious

Miracle Mile (bridge is in ‘crazy’ pink and ‘tonight the lights are shining down’ part is white)

The System


Anything is Possible (middle section in mint green)

Judas (verse parts)

also the intro and ‘fatman, fatman’ parts of err Fatman

and the last part of Great Divide.


Trojan Blue – white/green – dark green chorus

One By One – kind of a taupe/grey

Over The Line – pink/green, grey

Invisible People – a kind of dark green grey, maybe prussian green

This Time – beige, very rare in the Icehouse catalogue.

I hope this may add to one’s Icehouse experience and who knows, it might even be of interest to Iva himself.


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