Poem: LAX


Circles and Bumps is 10 years old this September and as a prelude to that milestone, I’m going to post some of my faves from it. The book,  a series of poetic recollections about airports, travel and memory, was born out of a visit to Heathrow and written over a few days in London with very little editing, unusual for me. If you like it too, the book is still available here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Circles-Bumps-Kelvin-Hayes-ebook/dp/B007UWXPGC/ref=la_B0034OF3LA_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1402975817&sr=1-3 Enjoy..


An age when the world was a big
Bright colourful playground
Pan Am, TWA – America’s darlings
Still flew the funky skies

Orange juice and swizzle sticks
We spied the cars below
Nearly as wide as the lanes
And the pools, bright blue

Stepping off the plane
To a queue, a sea of people
Was surreal, yet real
And that was before Disneyland

The bright green palm trees
Static in auburn sunset
Dry Californian air
A room at the Jolly Roger

Those were the days
Goofy shook my hand
It was enough to make me smile
Getting lost enough to terrify

In the end
It all ended happily
Like a ride in a teacup
It’s a small world after all

Copyright belongs to the author.


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