More sad yesterday’s and random acts of senseless violence

I was hoping my next blog would be a return to the lighter themes of music or travel which I normally work in, however more disturbing and horrific crimes in China and the wider world have forced my hand. At the end of May in eastern China, a woman sat eating in McDonald’s. Someone approached asking for her phone number which she refused to give out. Moments later she was savagely beaten to death. No-one came to her aid, though someone did manage to film a video from their cell phone, a video which I could not bring myself to watch out of respect for the victim; a mother whose son can only ask when she is coming home. I don’t think I have ever been so angered by a media report; even on 9/11.

Meanwhile in Australia, things don’t get much better. Being in the media, even as a freelancer, I keep on eye on all manner of what is streaming out there. I had fancied Brisbane as a possible future work place so I briefly subscribed to the Courier Mail on Facebook but found its content so dark I had to ‘unlike’ after only a few weeks. What caused this? Well, again at McDonald’s (not their fault) another woman awaiting some happy meals for her kids had her teeth smashed out by some local hoon (hooligan), a truck driver was bludgeoned to death in his own home and a little girl tortured to death.

Why does this bother me? That’s a little tricky to answer. I don’t know any of these people but I do believe in being free to go about our daily lives without the threat of random acts of senseless violence. Both the recent case on the Taipei metro and these examples have displayed a staggering account of ill-informed arrogance by those committing the crimes. In Taipei a kid clearly too far gone on killing video games. In China religious zealots (thankfully caught at the scene) and in Australia, a select few who should have been locked away long before they had the ‘opportunity’ to commit such appalling acts on others. On my commenting on the reports coming out of Queensland a woman answered to tell me that is ‘unfortunately’ what sells which says a lot about where we are at as a species doesn’t it.

Rest assured my next post will (hopefully) return to lighter subject matter. Thanks again to those following here, I hope these two posts have not derailed your interest in my work or the themes usually associated with it. Stay safe or as safe as you can be.


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