Even in the Quietest Moments: Songs for a Rainy Day

You might think this a strange topic for summer, but here in Asia the monsoon rains have already begun. If you find yourself stuck indoors, here are some tunes that will imbue the vista before you. And yes, you’ll be able to tell I’m of a certain ilk and age from this list. ALVA NOTO/RYUICHI […]

Where in the World?

As it’s my 50th blog, it seemed a good time to assess where I’ve been and my wish list of things to come… So far I have been very fortunate to venture far and wide. I never take anything for granted and remain grateful for all I’ve seen. However, at the risk of sounding blasé, […]

FIFA’s World Cup: a celebration of nations or more deception?

In 1983 the British band New Order made a record entitled Power, Corruption and Lies. Seven years later, the same band produced possibly the best ever football anthem World in Motion. For me, the World Cup has always been about more than just football. A coming together of nations and cultures. For some the ‘more […]