Through Glass

through glass 1

Every now and again a fairy tale occurs; a collaboration with an admired artist. In this case, only the very best singer and Cock Robin front-man Peter Kingsbery. We are not sure as yet where this song will find a home but I am amazed he did it. It is always necessary to work with other artists to broaden my writing to other styles. Quite often, unknowing of the result until I hear it myself. Enjoy. Kelvin Hayes


2 thoughts on “Through Glass

  1. Kelvin,

    We have VERY similar tastes in music! I love your entry about tracks that should have been released as singles. I agree with many of your suggestions!

    I love the new song with Peter. By the way, I’m producing remastered, expanded reissues of the first two Cock Robin albums. They will be released later this year. I’m trying to track down Peter. I’d like him to contribute track annotations to the liner notes in the booklets for the reissues. I hope you can help me find him. Thank you.

    If you want info on my background which spans 25 years in the music business, you can go to my website at You can also find me on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube and my blog.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,


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