Hong Kong: Naked technology at Le Meridien Cyberport

travel ed-le meridien cages-2012 travel ed-le meridien bed map art-2012 travel ed-le meridien bed-2012

For a moment it nearly doesn’t happen. I’m a minute late when I stumble across the shuttle bus that will take me to Le Meridien’s Cyberport, located on the south west of Hong Kong island. It’s an area that’s unfamiliar to me. The last time I was in Hong Kong (save a few airport interludes) was in 1977, the tap water was an unpotable yellow brown and I had a mop top Beatles hair cut. Only the Victoria peak and neon survive those days. The rest is gleaming skyscrapers and contemporary complexes such as the Cyberport tucked away like a miniature Monaco.

My first thought on arrival is who actually stays here, as it’s a good 15 minute drive from central and further still from the airport. The answers are printed on three panals in the lobby. Singer Art Garfunkel and tennis ace Pat Cash are two that clearly like its seclusion.

Le Meridien is part of the Starwood family of hotels and its modus operandi is directed to the more arty clientele. There are plenty of textures amid its corridors and in those quiet spaces, with few people about, it feels like I have the place to myself. Only the busy restaurant proffers up any sign of life and the hotel makes good on its promise of creative flair with all manner of intriguing combinations in the international buffet. In the end I play safe and opt for the Lamb and roti.

As you may expect from a hotel that is part of the Cyberport complex, the rooms are decked out with hi-tech gizmo’s from the 42 inch plasma TV screen and wireless internet to cordless phones.

For couples, the French flair for sex and romance is alive and well with a see through shower – dubbed the ‘naughty shower.’ However, for those lucky enough to indulge remember the windows of nearby offices are as big as the hotel rooms, so don’t forget the curtains unless you’re a raving exhibitionist! I’m told by my host that no-one can see in, but I don’t see how one could fail to notice! For those whose only naked ambition is business, Le Meridien has no less than 17 function rooms, the largest of which can accommodate up to 300 guests with boutique meeting rooms good for 100. Well, that’s OK then.

Getting to Le Merdien: Take the half hourly shuttle bus from the Airport Express train level at Hong Kong central station. Buses run between 7am (7.30 from central) and midnight.


T: 852 2980 7788


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