Taipei: My Sweetie Pie (Café)

taipei-my sweetie pie cafe-banana pancake and syrup-2012 taipei-my sweetie pie cafe-art-2012

Incognito and tipped off by another expat, I’ve ventured to the Shida Road, renowned for its cafés, in search of Grandma Nitti’s and another joint called Friendly Mafia. I find both but better still I find My Sweetie Pie and I don’t mean a lame dame, no I mean a café with lots of light and more importantly exquisite fare.

In all but name and atmosphere I am still dining in Granma N’s because it’s managed by the same team. For me it’s a difficult choice as although I’m hungry (for a little more than what I had before) I also require something as light and airy as the café interior. I find it with the banana pancake and I’ve also ordered (or so I thought) a peach smoothie. It turns out to be a slush which does not please me as the menu clearly says smoothie, but this is a menu that needs deciphering, it’s English though it may as well be written in Chinese. None the less, the pancake is excellent; hand made to order, it’s moist, cooked to perfection and arrives with small saucer of whipping cream and small jug of syrup.

In addition to that are the many splendid cakes (which sadly I don’t get to sample) also made on site. To name a few there’s: Chocolate Cheese, Strawberry Pie, Macadamia, and most adventurous of the lot, the aptly named Devil. If you’re already swishing your red tail about and stamping your ‘Diablo’ fork in mouth watering anticipation, you need only know one thing; they don’t come cheap – between $TW800 and $TW1,200 ($1,400 for the Strawberry and $1,440 for the Macadamia) at the time of writing.

My Sweetie Pie is open from 11 on the weekends and 12 noon weekdays. In both cases it closes at 23pm.

My Sweetie Pie

#3 Lane 93, Shida Road, Taipei

MRT: Taipower Building



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