Shenzhen: Aix Arome Café

shenzhen-aix cafe-2013  shenzhen-aix cafe-coffee-2013 shenzhen-aix cafe-objects-2013  shenzhen-aix cafe-art-2013

Every now and again in the pursuit of travel and the enduring epitome of ‘cool’ I come across a café that delivers the wow factor. In Taipei you may remember I stumbled across the fabulous trio of Wien, My Sweetie Pie and the Pao Pu, not to mention those in Istanbul’s Cihangir. In beautiful and leafy Shenzhen, there is another wonderful addition to the coffee lovers paradise. That of Aix Arôme Café which has branches in Futian (Yachang Museum of Art) among other districts of the city. It also boasts south China’s first coffee laboratory. This one sits in the outer atrium of the ‘all city’ shopping complex not far from entrance (or exit) A of Haiyue metro station.

A few weeks ago there was a grand opening befitting of royalty with red carpet, live music and models. Sadly that day I was not on the guest list but after a few glorious days of unusual warmth and sunlight, on an overcast Friday I found myself back there with my camera and a need for some brown stuff. Not only does it offer stupendously good ambience (it’s difficult to believe it’s China outside) but it has unique and unusual blends and brews too. There’s Cafe Whisper (kind of a half Mocha) and Rose Cappuccino – infused with a rose syrup, while the Icefan (Milkshake with more ice) and Popotea ranges are exclusive to the Aix Arôme. Sustenance comes in the way of Macarons, Cake (Matcha Mousse anyone?), Gelato (Boero to Mojito and Guinness!). There’s also the option of afternoon tea, but at Y128 – it isn’t cheap.


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